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Our Future City

Our Future City

Local Cultural Education Partnership, Brighton & Hove.

In Brighton & Hove, children, young people and professionals from health, social services, local businesses, the creative industries, education and culture, have come together to find ways to transform our city in the next 10 years.

Laura is Senior Producer of Our Future City.

The lead partners are: Brighton & Hove Music & Arts, Brighton Dome & Festival, Brighton & Hove Music Trust, Royal Pavilion & Museums, and University of Brighton. The programme is supported with investment from Artswork, the South East Bridge, and through the investment of time from a wide range of people and organisations in the City.


Eastman Guitars

Eastman Guitars

Russ is currently the UK representative to Eastman Guitars in the UK.

Eastman Guitars are made completely by hand in Beijing. Using old techniques reminiscent the golden ages of Martin and Gibson, each guitar is loving crafted from the finest materials and provide incredible value for every musician at any stage of their career. Current endorsees include Robbie Robertson (The Band), Ethan Johns and Neil Casel (Ryan Adams) and Gaz Coombes (Supergrass).

More can be found out here: https://www.eastmanguitars.com/

Deal Festival of Music and the Arts

Deal Festival of Music and the Arts

A music and arts Festival on the East Kent coast.

Laura Callaghan Grooms is the Education Director for the Deal Festival in Kent. Throughout its history, the Deal Festival has retained its core values focusing on the support of young talent. Recognising the need of nurturing and developing new audiences, as well as filling a major educational and social need, the Festival continually develops its substantial education and outreach programme. Fostering and inspiring new musical talent, all these activities are brought under one coherent programme. http://www.dealfestival.co.uk/

Soundcity Brighton & Hove Music & Arts
Soundcity / Brighton & Hove Music & Arts

Soundcity / Brighton & Hove Music & Arts

Since moving to Brighton in 2014, we have begun working very closely with Brighton & Hove Music & Arts, and Soundcity (Music Education Hub for B&H).

Hand on Heart Arts is worked with BHMA/Soundcity on two major musical events in 2015 and 2016: Event Management for Music Performance Stage for the Rugby World Cup Event on 20th September 2015 and Event Production for SoundCity4 in March 2016. Hand on Heart Arts also wrote a report on Youth Voice for young musicians in Brighton & Hove, in 2016.

Breaking The Bubble

South East Music Education Hubs Championing Inclusive Music Making

Breaking the Bubble is an innovation project formed in partnership between Surrey Music Hub, Sound Hub (Kent) and Sound City (Brighton and Hove) and is supported by Arts Council England and the Department for Education. http://www.surreymusichub.com/breaking-the-bubble/
Hand on Heart Arts is Event Producer for the Breaking The Bubble SEN/D Music Development Day Conference on July 16th 2015. The keynote speaker for the SEN/D Music Development Day will be twenty five year old, one-handed pianist Nicholas McCarthy. The focus of the SEN/D Music Development Day will be group music making for children and young people with SEN/D. It will be a thought-provoking day to investigate what key issues face children and young people: delegates will be led through a day of mutual discoveries and exploration. Young musicians and project managers from the South East and beyond will be performing and presenting at the event.

Breaking The Bubble South East Music Education Hubs Championing Inclusive Music Making
The Mighty Creatives
East Midlands Music Education Hubs

The Mighty Creatives / East Midlands Music Education Hubs

In 2014, in collaboration with Music Education Hubs in the East Midlands, The Mighty Creatives commissioned Hand on Heart Arts Ltd to undertake research, consultation and a feasibility study to test the need for a musical talent and progression programme for young people living in the region. The partnership identified a gap in musical provision and an opportunity to work together to find new and different ways to engage young people in music making, performance, production and consumption. Our research has led to the production of a young people and sector led vision for young people's musical talent and progression a strategic plan for the region. The report can be found via The Mighty Creatives website or via http://bit.ly/ handonheartartsreport HOHA was also commissioned by Nottingham Music Service to undertake report into ‘inclusion’ and ‘inclusive practice’ to identify and evidence good practice from across their programmes and identifying areas for improvement.

Philharmonia Orchestra

Internationally touring orchestra based in London.

In 2012 Laura was the Project Manager for the “Universe of Sound” digital installation & education programme (Canterbury and Birmingham) for the Philharmonia Orchestra, and then went on to act as the interim Project Manager for the Philharmonia Orchestra’s iOrchestra project. In August 2013, HOHA was commissioned by the Philharmonia Orchestra to provide a full local consultation for their new iOrchestra project, to be delivered in the South West peninsula from 2014 onwards. The consultation was intended to ensure that all potential audiences were represented and considered in the design of the iOrchestra project. The iOrchestra project is now in full flow in the South West until Summer 2015, reaching hundreds of people every day.

Philharmonia Orchestra

London Philharmonic Orchestra

Education & Community

In June 2015, Laura Callaghan Grooms worked with the LPO on an exciting creative collaboration project between LPO Soundworks and The Globe Theatre Education. The Youth Theatre and LPO Soundworks, under the musical leadership of composer James Redwood, performed Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing at the Sam Wannamaker Theatre at the Globe in London.

London Philharmonia Orchestra
London Philharmonia Orchestra


Charity based in Leicester.

Pedestrian is a charity that provides education and training to young people at risk and adults in challenging circumstances; individuals whom are often socially excluded and from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Hand on Heart Arts is the External Evaluator of Pedestrian’s new Little Music Stars programme. We will monitor the impact of our ‘Little Music Stars’ programme against our aims and intended outcomes. ‘Little Music Stars’ is a Youth Music funded programme partnering Pedestrian with Children’s Centres in the Wellingborough area of Northamptonshire, creating digital music making opportunities for very young vulnerable children and their parents. The programme is funded until April 2016.

Kent Music

Kent Music

Music Education Hub for Kent.

Laura Callaghan-Grooms from Hand on Heart Arts is a Quality Assurance Moderator for Kent Music. Kent Music is the Music Education Hub for Kent, funded by Arts Council England. This funding is public money, and there is a requirement to demonstrate that it is being used to support high quality music provision for children and young people aged 5 to 18. It follows that a quality assurance framework is required to do this and that this framework is designed to ensure that Soundhub funded activities are delivered to a consistently high standard.

Surrey Music Hub

Music Education Hub for Surrey.

We work a lot with Surrey Music Hub and Surrey Arts. The people at Surrey Music Hub are really in touch with the need to create inclusive, creative programmes for young musicians. Over the past few years, we have worked with them on a number of projects and events, including the Surrey Music Hub Conference 2013 and 2014, a range of musical programmes for young musicians in challenging circumstances (in partnership with Rhythmix), the Breaking The Bubble conference 2015, and Music Leadership of Anti-Orchestra and the Orchestra of Unlimited Potential.

Surrey Music Hub Music Education Hub for Surrey
Surrey Music Hub Music Education Hub for Surrey


Our clients love what we do, but don't take our word for it!

The Mighty Creatives

At The Mighty Creatives we are driven by a powerful formula: Imagination + Collaboration = Innovation. The opportunity arose in the East Midlands to create a musical talent and progression programme for young people least engaged in arts and culture. In partnership with Music Education Hubs, working with Laura and Russ was productive and a pleasure. From our first meeting it became apparent that a common vision for children and young people’s creativity, potential and rights was shared.

Shakespeare’s Globe

Thanks for helping to initiate and create yesterday’s wonderful performance and production. it was an absolute joy. please would you pass on my thanks to james, alex and laura for all they did to make the project such a success.

Patrick Spottiswoode FKC, DLitt(h.c)
Tim Steiner

Congratulations on setting up and producing Orchestra One so well. The entire process of working with the two of you has been fantastic and inspiring right from the moment we met at the Barbican. Your shared vision, pro-active creative energy and apparent effortless organisational prowess has been genuinely inspiring throughout. I’m sure that for you two, these sorts of things are second nature but I can assure you, I rarely encounter such a level of care, understanding and support in any area of work with which I’m engaged.

Tim Steiner
Nottingham Music Service

It is always a positive experience to work with Hand on Hearts Arts, with their ability to simultaneously challenge, support, celebrate and champion inclusive practices in music education.

The Mighty Creatives

Hand on Heart Arts have an unwavering passion for children and young people’s cultural engagement and extensive knowledge of music, access and talent, and in our work, together have helped to set the foundations for great collaborative work to happen in the East Midlands.

Philharmonia Orchestra

Laura’s tireless enthusiasm, genuine passion, highly developed organisational skills, and thoughtful intelligence combine to make her a pleasure to work with. All of the project management work that she’s undertaken for the Philharmonia has been completed quickly and efficiently to an excellent standard. Our staff and partners very much enjoy working with Laura, and she approaches every task
positively and with good humour. She’s an asset to music education!

Laura is highly creative, with the ability to bring complex innovative projects to life. Laura is generous with her substantial skills to children, students and audiences of all types. People smile around Laura.

Richard Finn
Found In Music Ltd

…a high level of professionalism, reliability and experience.

Laura is fantastic to work with. Her project management and networking skills are invaluable, and her experience and interests are so diverse, that teamed with her organisational and interpersonal qualities, working with her is a pleasure. She is one of integrity, proactivity, and strong values, which makes for a powerful combination.

Laura Saunders

I have worked with Laura for five years. She is an excellent person to have on any team. She is really creative and great at delivering projects. Often difficult to find in one person.

Peter Bolton
Surrey Arts

Many many thanks to you and Russ for the brilliant contribution of the Up Orchestra, I have received many emails and people were completely bowled over!

Philip Trumble
Breaking The Bubble South East Music Education Hubs Championing Inclusive Music Making

Dear Jim, Laura and all the Gang, A mighty big thank you for last night. The performance was brilliant…. we did a quick exit and came out at the same time as Prince Edward and Sophie so Casey and Kieran got a private wave!)….Thank you all for what you have done for the children.

Parent, about UP! Orchestra

We’ve contracted Laura and Hand on Heart Arts for some very different roles, from overseeing large scale work to closely evaluating Arts Awards for individuals. The work is always incredibly high standard and delivered on budget, on time and with a little extra something that you hadn’t thought about or considered.

If you’re wondering who to give the work to, give it to Hand on Heart Arts.

Mark Davyd
Music Venue Trust
Breaking The Bubble South East Music Education Hubs Championing Inclusive Music Making

I loved ‘UP’ – unorthodox and brilliant, and with an occasional echo of Metallica!

Breaking The Bubble South East Music Education Hubs Championing Inclusive Music Making

I know I speak on behalf of all the parents when I say that we are in awe of what you have achieved, and are very grateful for the patience and commitment you have toward our children.

Mother of a child
Rhythmix Music

We took our daughter along to the Boileroom today, and she had a great session with Russ, just to say she is very inspired and can’t wait to come along again next time. We are grateful for the chance for her to be this creative with her music, so
thanks a lot.

Laura is full of ideas, initiative and innovation, and a pleasure to work with. Her commitment to music, and what it can do to people and communities is inspiring. Laura is a friendly, helpful and great co-worker who can lead on projects and make them happen.

Leon Clowes
Replay Acoustics

I have known Russ and Laura for over 2 years now and have had many business dealings with them. I find their demeanour always approachable and thoughtful……..a pleasure to be involved with. They are above board in their integrity, honesty and forthrightness and are people that I expect to have a long going relationship with in business as well as in life. Their approach to music is one of innovation and thinking out of the box……..cutting new lines and re-thinking old ones. They symbiotically strive to see in a new way and to hear things they haven’t heard before or to hear old things from a different place………which is what makes music new and exciting.

Anthony S. Werneke
Rhythmix Music

Russ is an absolute pleasure to work with, he is a great communicator whose passion is infectious. Russ readily adapts to the latest situation and strives to achieve top quality work in everything that he does. I can highly recommend working with him as a project manager as he’s an asset to our team. As a music leader he delivers very high quality work with a range of children and young people in challenging circumstances. He is a conscientious, creative and inclusive workshop leader who plans his work thoughtfully leaving space for sessions to adjust to the needs and wants of the young people.

Lucy Stone
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