Russ Callaghan Grooms has always loved guitars. In fact, he’s been officially diagnosed with G.A.S (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) which isn’t helped by looking after the UK side of a large guitar company. This generally involves having lots of guitars in the house, travelling around the UK visiting guitar shops, talking to guitars players about guitars, thinking about guitars and getting people to realise that their life would be better with lots of guitars. They say be careful what you wish for.
Russ Callaghan Grooms is currently the UK representative to Eastman Guitars in the UK.
Eastman Guitars are made completely by hand in Beijing. Using old techniques reminiscent the golden ages of Martin and Gibson, each guitar is loving crafted from the finest materials and provide incredible value for every musician at any stage of their career. Current endorsees include Robbie Robertson (The Band), Ethan Johns and Neil Casel (Ryan Adams) and Gaz Coombes (Supergrass).
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