Members of the Band:

  • Russ Callaghan Grooms (composer / electronics / bass)
  • Laura Callaghan Grooms (composer / flute)
  • Joe Browne (composer / saxophones)
  • Hal Hutchison (composer / keys)
  • Ivor Sims (guitar)
  • Alex Ribchester (drums)

Tracks on the EP:

  • A Meeting of Minds
  • Fat N Filthy
  • Insomnia
  • Small Steps
  • Drift
NEXT-THE-SEA Russ Callaghan Grooms, Laura Callaghan Grooms, Joe Browne, Hal Hutchison, Ivor Sims, Alex Ribchester

Watch our documentary video to see how we made our debut EP, ‘The Heart is Not a Click Track’.

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