We are Laura Callaghan Grooms & Russ Callaghan Grooms and we care about music and arts, and about people.

Before forming Hand on Heart Arts in 2012, Laura Callaghan Grooms and Russ Callaghan Grooms were both working professionals in the field of music education and arts education, as well as being musicians / artists in our own right. We decided to pool our passions to create Hand on Heart Arts.

Whatever we do, whoever we work with, and whatever skill-set is needed, we try to put people first. We like people. We like music. We like creativity and imagination. We like the arts and culture. We just want people to realise their potential, in whatever way that means to them. We think we’re pretty good at helping with this.

Hand On Heart Arts Team


We are passionate about every human being accessing creative, imaginative and artistic education.


Laura Callaghan Grooms

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a: Saltdean, Brighton, UK

m: +44 7775 964 785

e: [email protected]

Breaking The Bubble South East Music Education Hubs Championing Inclusive Music Making

Dear Jim, Laura and all the Gang, A mighty big thank you for last night. The performance was brilliant…. we did a quick exit and came out at the same time as Prince Edward and Sophie so Casey and Kieran got a private wave!)….Thank you all for what you have done for the children.

Parent, about UP! Orchestra
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